Areas of Expertise

Expanding Financial Horizons

Investment Management

Preserve principal. Increase income. Maximize growth. Manage risk. Finding the right mix of investments to achieve these basic tenets of investing takes time and knowledge of financial markets. Financially prudent people want someone to do it for them. Adolos AM can be your someone—whether you want an advisor who manages every aspect of your portfolio or one who collaborates and coordinates with your existing advisory team. Cash management, diversified portfolios, separately managed accounts (SMAs) and private investments are some of the tools we use to “deliver extraordinary” to our clients. We believe in full transparency. You’ll always know what we’re doing at each stage of the process and why.

Legacy & Wealth Planning

Preserving legacies, securing futures. It’s difficult to imagine life after you’re gone. That’s precisely why legacy and wealth planning is so important. Our legacy and wealth planning services encompass comprehensive solutions, including estate planning, tax planning, family dynamics, and governance. Through meticulous estate planning, we develop strategies to minimize tax liabilities and safeguard your wealth for future generations. We understand the intricacies of family dynamics and work closely with you to address potential challenges and promote harmony among your loved ones. Thoughtful governance provides a solid foundation for managing and preserving family wealth. With our advanced planning and wealth preservation solutions, we strive to protect your legacy and ensure that your family members and charitable causes are cared for in the manner you intended.

Philanthropic Solutions

Effective giving maximizes change. Our philanthropic solutions empower individuals, boards of directors, and corporations to make a meaningful impact on the causes they care about. Whether you are looking to establish a private foundation to create a lasting legacy, set up charitable trusts, or leverage the flexibility of Donor Advised Funds to support multiple charitable organizations, we have the knowledge and resources to guide you every step of the way. We ensure that your philanthropic goals align with your financial objectives, maximizing the effectiveness of your charitable giving. We provide personalized strategies, expert advice, and administrative support, allowing you to focus on making a positive difference in the world. With our philanthropic solutions, you have the power to create a legacy of generosity and impact.

Public Speaking

Words spoken with confidence resonate. We offer captivating and informative public speaking presentations on the economy and investments. Our speaker is renowned for his ability to deliver complex financial concepts in a way that is both engaging and accessible to a wide audience. His humorous and relatable style makes each presentation not only insightful, but also engaging and entertaining. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the economy and investment strategies, he provides valuable insights and actionable advice to a diverse range of audiences. From boards and foundations to business owners and corporations, each group receives a presentation that caters to their specific needs and interests. We aim to entertain while empowering our clients to make informed decisions in the ever evolving world of finance and to improve their financial literacy.